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"Eden Reclaimed" questions how Southwestern border inhabitants find a home in a space that is in constant flux. In a setting that has been historically redefined, can solace be found? The film visualizes an epic poem that celebrates a homecoming for Mexican and Mexican American desert wanders.

"Song of the scapegoat, a virgin left to experience the cry of the world’s testimony. A new testament out of foregone agave cries. The agave’s last cry before eternal rest, a stem reaching the untouchable sky, the blossoming attempt of rejuvenated life stifled by the hours of imminent death. How found the memory of the snake’s smooth scales, running down the riverbank of the woman’s exposed back. Spinal cord forever serving as a reminder of original sin."


at Brown University Granoff Center


at Tap Room​ in Providence, Rhode Island

Writer, director, editor

Ali Dipp

director of photography/production assistance

Ceilne Dipp



EVE: Ali Dipp

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